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02 August 2007 @ 04:51 pm
Title: Your Side
Author: Nazi of Grammar
Rating: Hard R for sex
Author's Note: For Harp <3
05 July 2007 @ 12:22 am
Title: Wonderland (Part 1)
Author: Flannel Lovin Kitty
Rating: Hard R for gore

05 July 2007 @ 12:10 am
Title: When 
Author: Remus J. Lupin-Black
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.K. Rowling. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author’s Note: I'm sure Jessica will be glad to get this. She was poking me in the thread about it. 

24 June 2007 @ 05:49 pm

Title: Cum
Author: Nazi of Grammar
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 for character death and (forced) blowjob
Summary: Draco should have known Ron would kill the three of them. (For the "Memorial" challenge).

29 May 2007 @ 02:43 pm

This community is the HMS Dron’s base on livejournal – where we aren’t hindered by Gaiaonline’s strict PG-13 rules, and the various difficulties posed by having an entire club hosted in a thread. Here, we can discuss the more.. intimate details of the Ron/Draco pairing without worrying about slipping past the PG-13 rule of Gaia; we can post fanfiction, fanart, and drabbles without the mess of posting them on a fairly busy thread where they’re less likely to be seen..

However, though this will be a great deal freer than the Gaiaonline thread, there are still several rules I’ll ask you to follow:

- Challenge drabbles/fanfiction/fanart may only be posted by Sleeping Beauty Draco; credit will be given to the true author, but to prevent confusion and to keep from limiting those who do not have a livejournal account, Draco will be posting the submissions for “Sixty-One Days of Dron” and any following challenges, except:
1. Drabbles/fanfiction/fanart written independently of any challenges, which the author merely wishes to share with fellow Dron shippers
2. Drabbles/fanfiction/fanart answering a challenge posed in the actual community, and not by the Gaia thread
3. Drabbles/Fanfiction/fanart written or drawn before the community was created

- All drabbles/fanfiction/fanart must include the following information:
(Additional information, such as wordcount or minor pairings, may be listed at the author’s choice). Fanworks should be placed under a livejournal cut.

- Introduction posts are permitted – and encouraged – but it is advised that members do not post revealing personal information, which may lead to stalking by the internet nasties. :D It is also suggested that introduction posts include a brief mention of how the poster was first exposed to the Ron/Draco pairing, as well as their opinions on it (i.e., who tops?, how did they come to be?, etc etc).

- Discussion posts are also encouraged, providing that the debate/chat on the subject is done in the post’s comments; discussions of an NC-17 nature, such as which kinks the couple would get into, are to be placed beneath a warning or a livejournal cut.

- Discussions on the Gaiaonline website and its users are permitted, but flaming users (such as our dear friends hobbit and ewansgirl) are NOT allowed. Play nicely, boys and girls. In addition, flaming Gaiaonline itself is not allowed – bitching about events and their crappiness is acceptable, but only if done in a mature manner.

- DO NOT TAG YOUR POSTS! A mod will do so for you, to avoid confusion and uneeded tagging or wrongful tagging.

- Feel free to tell other Gaiaonline users (or livejournal users who may be interested in the community or perhaps in the Gaiaonline thread – a link to which can be found on the first page) about our beloved HMS Dron; we’re always happy to see new members on this snarky ship.
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